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About Secondary School

After passing their Brevet exams, students join the Secondary School which spans grades 10, 11, and 12. The curriculum is that set by the Lebanese government, as most students go on to take the Lebanese Baccalaureate exam by the end of grade 12. In grade 10 all students cover the same subjects: math, Arabic, English, French, translation, physics, chemistry, biology, civics, history, geography, sociology, economics, philosophy and civilizations, technology, Christian education, computers, and physical education. Students must score an overall general average of 60 in order to be promoted to grade 11. To enroll in the grade 11 Sciences program, students need to score an average of 70 in math and an average of 65 in two sciences. To be promoted to grade 11 Economics, students must score an average of 65 in math and an average of 60 in both English and Arabic. The school does not currently offer a humanities program in the Secondary School.